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This add-on should only be purchased together with the Starter or Elite package if you want to extend your traffic campaign to 6 months instead of 1 month.

Receiving constant traffic for a long period of time is essential if you want to increase your SEO and brand awareness exponentially as well as your sales so this package is a perfect fit for that.

Susan is our Etsy marketing specialist and is here to help you with your campaign. She has been with us since 2012 and has helped thousands of Etsy store owners reach new customers month after month and year after year.

634 reviews for ETSY 6 MONTHS ADD-ON

  1. jaime.baca

    wow few minutes ago I just got 2 Etsy sales so I will definitely order again soon!

  2. michellesutten

    I am in awe for seeing that i got my first etsy sale it feels so good i can’t describe the feeling

  3. bharathi.attitude

    Working with ShoppersBoost has been a breeze!!! Always on point, no mistakes, precise, accurate, as well as efficient! Seriously, I can’t ask for more. thank you for helping my Etsy store become a success!!!!

  4. bj.beane

    So far the traffic is constantly flowing to my Etsy store… I’ll surely be back after the end of the month c’ya

  5. martinvictor

    It was great working with Ralph, very faster service. I will be coming back for service again as I am very pleased with the results

  6. alunomoni

    it’s been a month and yeah as ususal High Quality traffic for my Etsy store, its REAL coming from real people.Its worth for every peny. Sure will order again – Sincerelly : Your Come Back Buyer

  7. sksunilson

    Thank you so much guys my Etsy sales are going up like crazy! Recommend this service bravo ShoppersBoost

  8. literallyspam

    Great support, Easy to work with and quality delivery for my 6 months package. Will be placing more orders for my other shops!

  9. svietlanaus

    Got my first sale few minutes ago I cannot believe this THANK YOU ShoppersBoost

  10. alterchinu

    Always delivers what is expected and when it should be delivered. We have used this service several times and will continue to do so.

  11. yumishi.mmo

    Yet again, this service has exceeded my expectations. To say I’m very happy is an understatement. If I was to say anything remotely negative about this package I couldn’t find any reason at all. Well done!

  12. kpstargazer28

    totally love this Service! Will continue to use them again and again and again and again and again xD!

  13. buvanrajd

    I’m incredibly satisfied with the results. My daily visits have increased quite a lot. I’ll order from ShoppersBoost again in the future.

  14. nakisiyu

    2nd order and let me tell you this works great and my sales improved a lot after using them

  15. 120raju

    Super happy with the traffic these guys are directing to my Etsy store! i get a lot of inquieries on a constant basis. Thank you very much !

  16. glossyswty

    EXCELLENT Provider and prompt order processing with trackable link to monitor progress for the next 6 months. Will come back for more I hope. thank you!

  17. keshadaugherty

    What can I say? Really professional service and it already got me my first sale on etsy. Highly recommended.

  18. kkhemail

    Exactly as described! Attracted lots of people to my Etsy store and i got some sales! Definitely recommend any time of the day

  19. nogamesplz

    Fast and efficient service provided by ShoppersBoost my sales increased by 90% since last month. Thank you very much!

  20. mudnmagic

    Great experience! Attentive and communicative. Did drive traffic to my Etsy store and got me a few sales

  21. rp8297

    Professional and well structured service that helped a lot my Etsy store. it’s a great experience working with these guys for the past year since finding about them!

  22. youngjk09

    A few hours in and I already see results. Very happy so far with the service provided. Expectations exceeded. I plan to use this service again in the near future.

  23. thomasaunewright

    Started seeing a spike in traffic shortly after this purchase. Would recommend to others looking to improve their traffic and sales to their Etsy store.

  24. dannyfc1

    I’m very satisfied with the service, customer support is very fast in comunication and extremely correct ! Highly recommend Definitely I’ll buy again.

  25. drunkennomad

    Great communication during the traffic campaign, very helpful with plenty of advices, delivered as promised and even more than advertised! would use again for sure. Top+++++ provider.

  26. anggapolenk

    It has been about three weeks since this order was delivered and I could not be more happy. Daily views on my site have skyrocketed and I am seeing more sales. Thanks!

  27. harshawardhanr

    I only deal with ShoppersBoost 🙂 Today I got the biggest bulk order I ever got in etsy, will need help to carry this package to the postal office lol it’s all because of Ralph and ShoppersBoost

  28. nathanbells

    Great service! My 6 months package was started very quickly and I have seen an increase in the past week since purchase and I also got one sale but I hope for more. Thanks so much – Hopefully I will be back!

  29. hvthomson

    They did a great job and delivered exactly what I purchased in a timely manner. My websites views are going through the roof right now. Thanks so much!

  30. dprlenge

    ShoppersBoost delivered as promised, Communication and response from the customer support team was from the beginning till the end. I would highly recommend them.

  31. vailo81

    Very good at what they do, they are true professionals and a breeze to work with. I got my first Etsy sale in the first week of using this service . i am amazed and will be back soon for more

  32. bfm.mcmillan

    the guys at ShoppersBoost delivered what I purchased and much more I can say. They went above and beyond in making me happy and I am very grateful for helping me with growing my Etsy shop

  33. maciekzielu

    100% top notch service provided by this team. my Etsy store was dead 1 month ago and after purchasing this service i got 3 sales in my first 2 weeks of using the service. this is incredible

  34. acianfrani

    I bought it to bring traffic to new Etsy shop. I only got 5 sales so far. is this normal??

  35. kyawsoethein

    Fast delivery of visitors, great job (got only one sale on my Etsy store). I will come back next month.

  36. jhingoo134

    I’ll buy this again for my next Etsy store that I will launch with my husband. this service not only works but works damn well. thanks so much for your effort!

  37. sagaranand22

    the team was on time delivering my order and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their traffic and sales!

  38. ab_846035_my

    they always does what they say and beyond that 10+ my Etsy sales are growing by the day

  39. beertruckz

    I have used this before with no results although it was my fault I guess as I only had one product for sale. decided to give this one more change and tried a couple more things in combination with some services from Ralph and guess what, today I got my first sale ever wow

  40. munachiogbonna

    I have used this service for the past year, and each time it is more than what I paid for. Great service for the 6 months package combined with the elite pack and always on target. Recommend to serious companies looking for dedicated team.

  41. jchacom

    Great job done for my Etsy store you guys have finally helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Thanks a million times!!!

  42. hiphopchick1233

    Great team to work with and they really care for their customers. Delivers fast and you truly see results. my Etsy sales improved more than 50% after trying their service. I will continue to buy this service as long as I keep seeing my sales improve month after month

  43. kingofbowling.chanti

    Very fast delivery of visitors to my Etsy store. i am very pleased with the service see you again next month. thanks a bunch!

  44. glazerorama

    Great experience working with ShoppersBoost. Delivery of my tracking link was fast and the team is very easy to communicate with and is there for me whenever I need help. Many thanks for a fantastic service!

  45. kingkareem97

    ShoppersBoost helped me set up the order in a timely manner. Yesterday I got a sale so I’m more than excited for the future. Will definitely work with this company again!

  46. neo.freezone

    Great customer support and traffic! I wanted to change the url of my Etsy store and they fixed it with no time! will surely order more in the near future !!

  47. mhamoen

    Lucas responds very fast to emails and is effective in driving traffic to my Etsy store . will be back next month I hope

  48. nguyen.huy852

    As described. Fast delivered.

  49. littledragon420

    5 Stars – Awesome service! Getting exactly what I was expecting. Threw in a free bonus as well since I not only purchased the 6 months but I conbined it with the elite pack! I will order from ShoppersBoost again and again!

  50. akiva55555

    I needed more traffic to my Etsy store. They had great reviews and appeared to deliver what they promised. I am happy with the results so far. Getting tons of traffic and sales as well. yohooooooooooo

  51. sisabellem

    excellent service as always. Have used this service for years for my Etsy store. Thank you!

  52. pringlz

    Thank you!! Always glad work with you guys !!!

  53. maksymilian.bielecki

    Good communication and the ShoppersBoost service is as described , but no single sale or sign up during the first month . after the first month i got one sale . I need to optimize my Etsy shop more I guess

  54. darkzonenator

    the traffic delivery was right on the target market of my Etsy store and the team very available for guidance. I am very grateful for discovering them 2 months ago.

  55. adam.loewy

    This is wonderful! I wait before giving a review to truly see if you get the results, and you absolutely do!!!! You know I’ll be back 🙂

  56. annafeldman347

    Thanks a lot, trusted team that gave me stats to track the clicks so I can be sure that I am getting what I paid for my Etsy promotion.

  57. clarkyonfarky

    When you order this package you’ll get what you paid for. Just as described. I’d definitely use this service again.

  58. dtywtboy

    perfect tnx so much

  59. dolphindiva417

    Fantastic service. Traffic is a crucial part of ranking high and this website provides just that with SEO precision. You will also be provided with a link that takes you to a progress tracker for your URL. Etsy SEO doesn’t get any easier than this.

  60. drspopkin

    I bought this service last month to improve my Etsy sales and it was beyond my expectattions. so I bought it again this month. fantastic job was provided!

  61. damonny

    This Service is delivered exactly as described and my Etsy sales improved wow thank you!

  62. bhrat000

    I have tried several other services in the past from other sources and it was a waste of time. This Traffic is genuine period! Thanks A lot and i will be buying more packages for sure soon 🙂

  63. sjw1023

    5 stars all around for this service. my Etsy store improved so much that I’m wondering why I haven’t found them earlier.


    Great team to work with and delivered on time, and has increased my Etsy sales.

  65. olaf.farrell

    as always these guys are on the top of the game! excellent service is being provided as I type this message and my Etsy sales improved by a lot. come back soon for sure!

  66. pewxpm

    Exceeded my expectations…. my Etsy sales improved since purchasing so i will continue to purchase more and more hehehe

  67. waqasch79

    Good comminication, Fast delivery.. This is my second order although for the first one I got no sales but hope for the best for this one.


    will hire this team again and again as theres nothing better than waking up and seeing sales on my Etsy account

  69. giasempre

    Another repeat order for the 6 months pack combined with the SEO booster and 100% customer service and delivery! Superb service provided by ShoppersBoost

  70. lachiara.c

    top traffic service for Etsy shops! 100% satisfaction from a long term customer!

  71. espnespana

    superb Service and mega fast delivery! Thank you x 1 million!!

  72. coolnp.2010

    The process of driving traffic to my Etsy store was simple and easy which I really appreciated. today i got my first sale and I’m very excited , it feels sooooo good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. johnmashton

    as always great at what they do . I place orders with them month after month and my sales go higher and higher. Sometimes I am wondering if it’s a dream or not that’s how happy I am!

  74. mariel.ivanov

    the team sent traffic to my Etsy store as promised. Although I only got 3 sales I will order again as I am confident there will be more sales soon 🙂

  75. elina.bebeck

    Outstanding service I have already tracked 2 sales in my Etsy store in the first week of using this service with 3 weeks more to go yasssss

  76. gbarazani

    Amazing team of marketers. they helped me in bringing life to my Etsy store and landing my first customer. Thank you so much.

  77. cynthiamckennalpc

    Excellent service provided, as always! sales are pouring in every few days so i am pleased

  78. mariannegtrz

    This was an excellent service and I would highly recommend This to many others looking to increase their traffic and Etsy sales. Thanks for your hard work!

  79. reeltoneproductions

    Thank you so much! I can already see the traffic increase!! Thank you for individually messaging me as well to clarify about my questions. I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into helping my Etsy store!

  80. shyair108

    Just as described traffic has been increasing everyday! Thank you for delivering such a superb service. Keep up the good work I’ll be back!

  81. kafuzlum

    Thanks again for offering this incredible service for my Etsy store. I’m on my 3rd month of using it and I’m LOVING it!!!


    I bought this to increase my Etsy sales and I achieved my goal more than i ever imagined. see you again next month xoxo

  83. azizahaurel

    An efficient team! I ordered from them because of the skills I needed for my Etsy shop. The reviews endorsed their ability to provide a timely delivery. I was given a tracking link and am prayerful and hopeful to see activity from their efforts on my behalf!

  84. nctnld2u

    By far one of the best services i have ever purchased . my sales exploded 2nd month after trying this serice. during the 1st month i did some mistakes with my Etsy products that i was not aware of but George has shown me the right path with his tips . will forever be your customer

  85. notarone

    great job. fast delivery and quality results. thank you for providing data it really helps to see the actual results. such a great service!!

  86. awanniceboy007

    I have worked with ShoppersBoost for some time now and has NEVER failed me……

  87. kykasten

    Perfection as always, the six months pack combined with the elite pack really do wonders!

  88. phyowaisoe

    Quick Service, thank you!

  89. violetswag

    very good the team thank you very much

  90. jada1920

    Great work. Look forward to future Services.

  91. kinpy1

    Delivered as advertised

  92. darkzonenator

    it is a great time working with this team

  93. i.r.massy

    Great job. Will order again

  94. feralalpha

    Nice job I love it

  95. going.roxy

    Worked like advertised

  96. monster0102

    Nice work. Highly recommended to hire them.

  97. imtelllan

    Great job, thanks!

  98. kyao888

    great experience

  99. astill47

    the team does provide great quality traffic.

  100. phantomkiwi

    Great Service and Support!

  101. kacpertbg

    great work, thanks

  102. beaha

    Every thing was perfect . Great deal and amazing Service. definitely will be purchasing more

  103. malik.arch

    Great results as always. Thanks!

  104. astock

    Excellent Service.

  105. paliwalrohit420

    Delivered traffic as requested.

  106. boon.sim

    Excellent work! Will order again!

  107. evanstender

    amazing stuff thanks

  108. zenymndta

    Good work!

  109. vietn9

    Fantastic. Will definitely be using again. I had high expectations, and still you exceeded them.

  110. rymosrac

    Perfect thanks

  111. gemini5308

    Thanks again for the great Service. Loving it!!!

  112. monique.yoyo

    Fast, Reliable! Will use again!

  113. drizt.ruan

    Highly recommend! Great Service !

  114. lifeaspoetry

    Many Thanks for all your hard work regards

  115. nute379

    So far so good we will see at the EOM what happens.. Quick Service and quick response..

  116. athletic23inwla

    Quality was that what i liked.

  117. miredhotjock

    Outstanding Service!

  118. rantaoca

    Repeat buyer!

  119. jkihnkp

    Excellent Service

  120. angelynnkoh

    Great Job, Thanks very much

  121. jeff.y.lin

    highly recommend very good job I will order again.

  122. mymlyputtu066

    Great Service and communication, thank you!

  123. jeudevil

    Excellent, brought real visitors

  124. rajnijain78

    On time every time.

  125. lordjuetten

    Excellent job as always! Thanks so much.

  126. mrabbah

    Thank you 🙂

  127. ace29er

    Traffic as promised 🙂 Quick replies from the team.

  128. helgarinn

    Great Job!

  129. msiekkinen

    The best team !

  130. kotnisk

    Brilliant Service…happy with the results! Would recommend it to anyone.

  131. john1931993vv

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    Great Service as always tony

  134. nivy96

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  137. sakurashawl

    I purposely waited a few days to ensure traffic would continue and was very satisfied with the traffic I received.

  138. jmhs2004

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  139. sweetpepper3

    Great Service

  140. ghkh10

    Another outstanding experience Thank you ShoppersBoost

  141. pavitragaur90

    Great Service and definitely will purchase again

  142. daraghnev

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! BEST Service ON the internet

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    Working with this team is exceptional! Always on point – precise and accurate, as well as efficient!

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    Thank you ! Received what committed.

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  153. doomello

    this team has always done well for me and I will continue to use them!

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    Exactly what I paid for I got. Will definitely purchase again.

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    once again great the team. 2nd purchase.

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  159. projectmanagementcourse4

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

  160. naveed0677

    Super happy with the traffic guys! Thank you.

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    It has started thank you

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    I bought this Service due to the testimonies from previous buyers. They have helped me achieve my goals.

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