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This add-on should only be purchased together with the Starter or Elite package if you want to extend your traffic campaign to 6 months instead of 1 month.

Receiving constant traffic for a long period of time is essential if you want to increase your SEO and brand awareness exponentially as well as your sales so this package is a perfect fit for that.

Lara is our Shopify marketing specialist and is here to help you with your campaign. She has been with us since 2011 and has helped thousands of Shopify store owners reach new customers month after month and year after year.

586 reviews for SHOPIFY 6 MONTHS ADD-ON

  1. ghqrk

    Perfect service as always i am where i am today because of ShoppersBoost !!!

  2. jayboo22

    Just as described traffic has been increasing everyday! Thank you for delivering such a superb service. Keep up the good work I’ll be back if will get past that 5 sales barrier that I’m stuck on 🙁

  3. kishore6987

    Did what they said will do. Good communication from Lara and she was able to be patient in explaining me how can I improve my shopify store even more! I am very grateful

  4. bentolentino

    Super Fast delivery! Our website start to see some traffic via this service!. Higly recommended for natural traffic to the website. Hope to see more in the next 5 months to boost my shopify store!!

  5. shivnath3

    Perfect service provided by the ShoppersBoost team and also on time delivery, thank you so much for helping me with my shopify shop…

  6. aaasatellitespecialist

    Fantastic service. Traffic is a crucial part of ranking high and this website provides just that with SEO precision. You will also be provided with a link that takes you to a progress tracker for your URL. shopify SEO doesn’t get any easier than this.

  7. gkrast7

    Got my first 2 orders because of this service. It works awesome I did not believe until I’ve seen it myself, thanks so much Lara!!!!

  8. bowlton.garcia

    100% top notch service provided by this team. my shopify store was dead 1 month ago and after purchasing this service i got 3 sales in my first 2 weeks of using the service. this is incredible for a new seller like me

  9. aronrubin07

    Very good, my 3rd time using them!

  10. macaroonielog

    Good comminication, Fast delivery.. This is my second order. I will order again after this.

  11. armiqs

    Amazing team of marketers. they helped me in bringing life to my shopify store and landing my first customer. Thank you so much.

  12. amsutwana89

    I’ll buy this again for my next shopify store that I will launch with my husband. this service not only works but works damn well and I already got my first sale. thanks so much for your efforts!

  13. admiller64

    I bought this service last month to improve my shopify sales and it was beyond my expectattions. so I bought it again this month. fantastic job was provided!

  14. pankajkrgoyal

    This is my second time to order because I get lots of visitors in first order. Service as Described. I hope I got the real target visitors : ) Thanks.

  15. lkuisle

    Very good, my 3rd time ordering and defiantly not the last!

  16. dancummings4

    Good communication and the ShoppersBoost service is as described , but no single sale or sign up during the first month . after the first month i got one sale . I need to optimize my shopify shop more

  17. hindsite6

    They did a great job and delivered exactly what I purchased in a timely manner. My websites views are going through the roof right now. Thanks so much!

  18. kfore458

    Good service, i can see through the link he sent me that i am getting the clicks he promised. I hope it continues like that and get some results from it.

  19. ecwlive

    top traffic service for shopify shops! 100% satisfaction from a long term customer!

  20. declarebusiness

    this team always brings results for my shopify shop – the service is exactly as described and excellent customer service is being provided.

  21. urbanashke

    it’s been a month and yeah as ususal High Quality traffic for my shopify store, its REAL coming from real people.Its worth for every peny. Sure will order again – Sincerelly : Your Come Back Buyer

  22. elektro0ptik

    Great experience! Attentive and communicative. Did drive traffic to my shopify store and got me a few sales

  23. mmvubvn

    ShoppersBoost always delivers high quality traffic! Excellent products and amazing customer support team!

  24. hayesbrennan

    It has been about three weeks since this order was delivered and I could not be more happy. Daily views on my site have skyrocketed today I got 6 sales. Thanks!

  25. hrh6900

    Very good at what they do, they are true professionals and a breeze to work with. I got my first shopify sale in the first week of using this service . i am amazed and will be back soon for more

  26. manucherian.k

    This was done so fast I didn’t know what happened. Talk about efficient. I just sent in the request less than 5 hours later the job was started. Will definitely do business again with ShoppersBoost.

  27. shaten

    2nd order and let me tell you this works great and my sales improved a lot after using them

  28. rupaal

    awesome service. Lara helped me solve some issues on my shopify shop within minutes. the team is always responsive, helpful and is doing a lot of efforts to drive the traffic to my store. 10 stars out of 5, they’re that good!

  29. khanolkardilip1

    fantastic work was provided! Extremely happy with the results they improved my shopify sales by a mile! Thank you!

  30. vijaynaradakumar

    excellent service as always. Have used this service for years for my shopify store. Thank you!

  31. ilovemysunglasses

    Thank you for providing the best quality traffic for my shopify store!

  32. whyywai

    Very very good to have worked with this team . before them i struggled to make one sale on shopify and now on the 2nd month im on my 54th sale . talk about amazing hahaha

  33. joeues

    Started seeing a spike in traffic shortly after this purchase. Would recommend to others looking to improve their traffic and sales to their shopify store.

  34. haq.obaidul

    I’m incredibly satisfied with the results. My daily visits have increased quite a lot. I’ll order from ShoppersBoost again in the future.

  35. alisha.lovez.track

    I bought this to increase my shopify sales and I achieved my goal more than i ever imagined. see you again next month xoxo

  36. dkaymail396

    5 stars all around for this service. my shopify store improved so much that I’m wondering why I haven’t found them earlier.

  37. aaniekaa

    Looks good. Traffic is coming in as described and package was delivered earlier then expected. A great service and great customer support. Would highly recommend.

  38. mr.teewrex

    Good quality traffic, and totally trackable as promised. These guys know their stuff. The 2 packages I ordered have only just started, so will monitor to see how things go over time but a solid start from a reliable provider!

  39. agnylewicz

    Very fast delivery of visitors to my shopify store. i am very pleased with the service see you again next month. thanks a bunch!

  40. hialeahp

    INCREDIBLE! Already seeing results in less than 24 hours from purchasing the package! Impressive! Excited for the next 6 months – thank you very much!

  41. jennifernelson.sorensen

    Traffic to my shopify store as described..great work..will buy again…

  42. cgibbs87

    As described. Fast delivered.

  43. nataliaescandon

    ShoppersBoost helped me set up the order in a timely manner. Yesterday I got a sale so I’m more than excited for the future. Will definitely work with this company again!

  44. ginny.kindred

    I have worked with ShoppersBoost for some time now and has NEVER failed me……

  45. absb634

    This must be my 6th or 7th deal with this team. Always great Service that bring results and sales beyond expectations for my shopify shop. keep it up guys don’t you ever discontinue this service please <3

  46. clandestinemuse

    It was outstanding working with this website, very faster service. I will be coming back for service again………………….

  47. daddylicious1

    Excellent! Very responsive team, got the service going exactly as promised and traffic flow started very quickly and the good news is that I got a sale few minute ago. Very likely to buy this again and again. Highly recommended.

  48. stefancarroll

    excellent traffic for my shopify shop and the delivery is prompt. will definitely be back soon if I will get over 15 sales as is my target for this month

  49. sarahecrotty

    they always does what they say and beyond that 10+ my shopify sales are growing by the day

  50. wlbellows

    This service is on my bookmarks list and I purchase each month because the team always does an outstanding job at bringing visitors and sales to my shopify store

  51. l1a2m3b4o5

    Job delivered on time as advertised

  52. getemjay

    ShoppersBoost team accomplished what i was not able to accomplish in half a year since launching my shopify store.

  53. klleague

    Day 3 of 2000 hits, 2000 hits and 6 sales on my shopify store. Not too bad!

  54. i.r.massy

    Outstanding Experience! Provider is very friendly and I got great results quickly. I can totally recommend this package! Thanks so much!

  55. st.sotu

    the 6 months have ended and the service was delivered as advertised – thanks a lot for being so trustworthy !!

  56. dha.cha8

    Thank you so much guys my shopify sales are going up like crazy! Recommend this service bravo ShoppersBoost

  57. wayne.devos

    Communication was great, I love the clarity of the service, and really appreciate the link that is provided to see in real time how the service is working. Who does that? Someone awesome… that’s who! Love this service and will order again.

  58. 96marykay

    Nicely done job. started to notice traffic on my newly shopify shop shortly after I ordered. will monitor daily for the whole month as they recommended me!

  59. ruffinator

    Perfect work as always by this company . i am their customer for 5 months and hopefully i will be able to say this in 5 years as well. i owe them the success of my shopify store !!

  60. willemsporen

    worked with them 5 times now never disipointed

  61. alexandertheti

    Thanks, fast delivery and i already got 1 sale in my first 48 hours of using this service what if i buy more will this double my shopify sales?

  62. gregkjung

    Delivered on time and with great results. The traffic to my shopify shop has improved over the past 3 days. So far so good. Thanks!

  63. christianbidude

    Great work, as described but I only got one sale until now

  64. sarahvallim

    superb Service and mega fast delivery! Thank you x 1 million!!

  65. vrylclover

    great job. fast delivery and quality results. thank you for providing data it really helps to see the actual results. such a great service!!

  66. jnhim7

    I have used this before and every time they impress me more and more great service and all as promised I highly recommend this package thnx for all the help

  67. margieoreilly

    Smooth transaction. I’m starting to see new visitors to my site this morning. Excellent service and would purchase again in the future, thank you.

  68. dary.fiorentino

    A few hours in and I already see results. Very happy so far with the service provided. Expectations exceeded. I plan to use this service again in the near future.

  69. fsj.johnson

    Fast and efficient service provided by ShoppersBoost my sales increased by 90% since last month. Thank you very much!

  70. roshan.nair

    good and easy communication provided by this team . i got a reply in less than 5 minutes and some bonus tips for my shopify store thank you a million

  71. waterscarol

    Great experience working with ShoppersBoost. Delivery of my tracking link was fast and the team is very easy to communicate with and is there for me whenever I need help. Many thanks for a fantastic service!

  72. junhior05

    Great service, I can already see increased traffic. Order with confidence if you want your shopify shop to rank higher and get more sales. Will be back!

  73. daralta

    Awesome job! One of the best services on the internet with some fantastic TRUSTED SEO marketing! If you are looking for quality with a bang for your buck, this is a MUST BUY service to increase your shopify ranking organically! Thank you guys for another excellent job!

  74. sysuffi

    I bought it to bring traffic to new shopify shop. I only got 5 sales so far. is this normal??

  75. kamil.dekarz

    the guys at ShoppersBoost delivered what I purchased and much more I can say. They went above and beyond in making me happy and I am very grateful for helping me with growing my shopify shop

  76. unneenkuttyv

    thanks for starting my order and sending the tracking link but will I receive traffic for 6 months straight ? What guarantee do I have ?

  77. iamnickly

    Excellent service provided, as always! sales are pouring in every few days so i am pleased

  78. bogadiniranjan

    Thank you so much! I can already see the traffic increase!! Thank you for individually messaging me as well to clarify about my questions. I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into helping my shopify store!

  79. javdare

    wow few minutes ago I just got 2 shopify sales so I will definitely order again soon!

  80. michaelbrawn

    Super happy with the traffic these guys are directing to my shopify store! i get a lot of inquieries on a constant basis. Thank you very much !

  81. daamandesai1

    wow, buy yesterday, and today I begin to notice the difference. excellent provider, totally recommended.

  82. wenlong79

    Results are already coming – great working with this excellent provider and will order again. Thanks very much for everything – outstanding results!!

  83. gina.leone

    always outstanding service provided by ShoppersBoost…. not sure what else is left to say.

  84. kevin.pilati

    Within two or three hours my traffic was up at least twice what it was from the whole of yesterday. Great provider. Great service ShoppersBoost keep it up!

  85. rohan901

    It’s the first time I ordered a package and it will take me some time to perceive effects on my shopify store. However, the communication was swift and fast and delivery according to the specs, including some tailor made tweaking offered by the team

  86. adamsperrysutfin

    as always great at what they do . I place orders with them month after month and my sales go higher and higher. Sometimes I am wondering if it’s a dream or not that’s how happy I am!

  87. dz.rockz

    Service as stated. Impressed as much of the initial traffic shows up good in both time spent on site and low bounce rate. Appreciate the extras, too.

  88. markr971

    Thank you!! Always glad work with you guys but you could work on providing higher visitors numbers!!!

  89. matthewdagher

    Awesome & great response from their traffic. They helped me bring a few customers to my shopify shop and I am very happy. will order tomorrow another plan from them.

  90. tophereric

    I’m very satisfied with the results that they are bringing to my shopify store so I will buy again next month!

  91. amwerner

    A lot of traffic, great Service!

  92. picturelads

    Amazing communication – sorted all issues promptly. Amenable and knowledgeable, Looking forward to finalization of Service

  93. mylife.ok244

    Simple and easy!

  94. steelerc

    If you are looking for traffic, this is your guy.

  95. darkzonenator

    Excellent, as always! Fast, efficient and thorough delivery and results! Thank you, ShoppersBoost!

  96. jprondello

    good work !!

  97. akie.xiaogui

    Traffic delivered as promised…great Service!!

  98. bezaty

    Dramatic Website Traffic and the proof will be in the extra potential customers and customers I receive.

  99. lulukcimoet.habibah

    Good traffic! A lot of visitors!

  100. sstigger01

    I got what I ordered thanks

  101. rymosrac

    Hope it works

  102. chujody

    Great experience

  103. fathimashamha

    Once again you have helped me reach my goal. Thank you.

  104. bi0hazard187949

    nice and good

  105. jimgreco87

    I got traffic as described. Thanks.

  106. eshwaruday

    Great Service and Support!

  107. pewxpm

    Always easy to work with.

  108. my4bsaccount

    Brilliant thank you

  109. shellyshairsingh

    Good Service! According to google analytics, I got around 80-100 daily visitors. Which is pretty good. No sales yet, but it is only 4 days, will see. Thank you!

  110. apple924

    very good, expect to be able to count on him

  111. davidsnuraan

    Great work thanks

  112. masterofrulez

    Great job

  113. mycroft999

    Fast Service, great communication, and delivered as promised – thank you!

  114. jandkwithana

    the team was very responsive, Results were fine with us. We recommend this team 5 stars!

  115. shopphc

    Great experience

  116. nfreeman1

    fast and easy

  117. kylieolmedo269

    I bought this Service to help launch my shop.

  118. feteasca

    Well Done !

  119. shreejit9

    Great Experience!

  120. allen.simms

    Great Service. Highly Recommended. A+++

  121. timcogdill

    Great Service!

  122. garima.nidhani


  123. rockerr888

    Thanks for the order

  124. mirkolisto

    Great team. Fast delivery

  125. wzulqarnain

    thanks for your help

  126. milkyjai

    Satisfied with the Service

  127. webcontentlw

    Great Service already seeing traffic.

  128. chrisickes

    Repeated customer!

  129. ahmed.saidi1

    Thanks , good job

  130. suaidmulla

    Very good.

  131. sdmort

    very good the team thank you very much

  132. kaijein

    Great result as usual. Thank you.

  133. ivybest.johnson

    Outstanding Experience!

  134. mfuentenelli

    Thank you

  135. importaaron

    His traffic Service is exceptional.

  136. laura0474

    Delivered as promised

  137. ashwarya3496

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    awesome work. love it

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    Excellent results as always. Thank you!

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    Awesome Service. Thanks!

  149. wooden.souvenirs

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  150. varshhawagh

    Great Service, quick to answer questions……up to now have 2 sign ups…. for sure will come back for more…..

  151. lillie.michelle

    Super Traffic! A+++

  152. yocksiong.tee

    Fantastic work

  153. viveik99

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  154. rossdaboss63

    worked for what I needed. thanks!

  155. prometheusthemad

    He completed my order very fast. Amazing results too. I will be back

  156. emclark

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  157. belldsm72

    Always a pleasure, have ordered many times.

  158. lmalbers


  159. jonathankirsch1

    They did what they promised. Pretty good experience. I will recommend their Service.

  160. skiparrister

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  162. queenvashti

    Frequent buyer because you actually receive the traffic as described.

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    By far one of the best Services I have purchased, I am a long time ShoppersBoost user and have not come across this level of Service. They went above and beyond which I really appreciate – will definitely be using again!

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